Sliding doors

Metaflex, as one of the leading sliding door manufacturers in India, stands out for its commitment to delivering high-quality solutions across various industries. Our extensive range of sliding doors caters to diverse sectors including the medical field, cleanrooms, laboratories, distribution centers, and food processing areas.

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The rail system, a hallmark of our engineering excellence, sets our sliding doors apart. This meticulously designed system of sliding doors ensures effortless operation, irrespective of the door’s size or weight. Further, you have the option to conceal these rails with either stainless steel or aluminum covers, further enhancing the visual appeal while maintaining cleanliness.

As one of the prominent sliding door manufacturers in India, Metaflex places emphasis on user-friendly design. Lever function drives make opening these sliding doors a breeze, even for larger or heavier variants. The smooth movement along the rails allows for manual operation with minimal effort, a testament to the thoughtful engineering behind these products.

One noteworthy engineering detail is the 45-degree angle at which the sliding doors travel over the rails. This unique feature, coupled with a notch at the rail’s end, facilitates an automatic movement towards the adjacent wall as the door glides. This natural motion ensures a secure seal, optimising the environmental conditions within the enclosed space.

Metaflex’s reputation as one of the top sliding door manufacturers in India is well-deserved. Their meticulous attention to detail and dedication to creating reliable solutions for a wide range of environments, from medical facilities to distribution centers, sets them apart in the industry. Choosing Metaflex means opting for convenience, efficiency, and quality in sliding door technology.

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