Human capital

Metaflex Doors India acknowledges its people as the most important asset of the organization. Performance of “our people” is the stepping stone for success. We, at Metaflex, work towards shaping a stimulating work environment that encourages innovation and provides opportunities for “our people” to grow by honing their knowledge, skills and attitude.

Best practices

  • We give equal platform to every employee at each level for equal opportunities in terms of career development and hence showing them the path for growth where they can nourish their future.
  • MDI provides world class infrastructure with world class amenities to its employees which gives a better environment to perform and build a culture that motivates the employees.
  • Stimulating and Safe work environment

A carrière at Metaflex

Amidst all the chaos, we are a team that promotes unconventional, “out of box” methodologies, enabling its members with opportunities to “blaze the tracks” and “touch the sky with glory”.

If you have the vigour, ability to take challenges and are willing to tread on unexplored paths, you can be part of our Sales & Business Development Team, which is being strengthened to tap the immense market potential of our products, grow with the Company and earn immensely as you contribute.

Please get in touch with us and know for yourself, if you have what it takes to “come through our door”.


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