Meat Rail doors

Metaflex Meat Rail doors are specially designed tor rigorous use in take areas and boning halls in meat processing plants, food processing units, warehouses and other special application areas.

  • Best suited for temperature controlled areas
  • Best in class hermetic sealing
  • European technology

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  • Unique heavy duty rail system
  • Sturdy door with heavy gauged aluminium framework
  • 80mm PIR insulation, SS304 door profiles with PCGI or SS304 finish insulated panels.
  • Easily replaceable modular panel system I lnterrupted rail structure with additional wheels through which door can bridge the recess in the rail structure
  • Profile of runway is cut out in rubber flaps with which the gate is finished.

Application area

  • Agri-horticulture
  • Dairy
  • Meat & Fisheries
  • Food Processing Units
  • Warehouses
  • CA Chambers
  • Cold Chains


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Meat rail doors offer the following options

Door system is airtight
Low temperatures
Door system can withstand low temperatures

Product specifications

Sliding door
0°C to 15°C



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