Cold chain

Hygiene, speed, reliability and robustness. Those are crucial factors in the cold chain.

Therefore, our refrigerator and freezer doors:

  • always perform optimally;
  • are maintenance-free;
  • satisfy hygiene requirements;
  • support the logistical process

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Food safe

In a room where food is stored, a stable temperature is required in order to maintain the conditions. The insulation and complete sealing of our doors provide this. Our doors for the food-processing industry are easy to clean and can be finished with a food-safe coating.

Turnover frequency

Doors that open and close slowly disturb the logistics process. Our door systems are fast,  reliable and require little maintenance. Because of the robust construction, the door is able to take a beating and the airtight seal ensures low energy use.

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Metaflex offers an extensive range of solutions in the cold chain and food-processing industry. In order to offer as much additional value as possible in the field of hygiene, speed, reliability and robustness, we continuously work on improving our door systems.



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