Metaflex Passage Care

Designed for excellence, Metaflex  Passage Care doors  provide optimum solutions for the needs in pharmaceutical, hospitals, health, commercial & retail environments where there is a need for clean air and hygiene having ease of operation in high traffic/footfall areas. Metaflex Passage Care doors are custom made to suit the requirements from these sectors.

  • Hygienic finish
  • Insulated
  • Hinged door


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This door has a hygienic finish, ease of operation and is low in maintenance. The window gives you a visual sight of what happens behind the door for extra safety. The passage care door is available in a range of finishes, specifications and colours to suit various application areas. Especially suitable for passages that are used intensively.

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Door system is airtight
Smooth finishing
Door leaf has a completely smooth finishing

Product specifications

Hinged door
Automatic, Manual
0°C to 15°C



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