Healthcare & Life Science

Patient-safety and preventing incidents as well as complications are a very important theme in healthcare. We respond to this need by ensuring that our hospital doors perform optimally in the field of:

  • Hygiene;
  • Safety;
  • Ease of use.

These doors are all very applicable for Life Science. In cleanrooms, pharma, biotech and laboratories, it is crucial that working under the right dust and/or germ-free conditions is possible. In order to control the concentration of particles in the air as much as possible, we have optimized our doors in terms of, air-tightness, fire safety and a hygienic finish.

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Hygiene and safety are the prerequisite to healthcare sector. It is imperative to make sure that the environment is safe, hygienic and taken care with utmost sincerity and reliability. We see a different world now, where the focus is now on top-notch level of hygiene, which eventually leads to a better health and overall growth. Taking this reasoning forward, we design our doors with extreme care and provide exceptionally reliable solutions. We do our best to make this world a happier and safer place to live in.

Life Science

In cleanrooms and laboratories within the life science industry, processes has to occur under dust and/or germ-free circumstances. The concentration of particles in the air has to be controlled, as well as other parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure. These rooms are often airtight and the applied materials for the walls, floors, ceilings etc. emit little to no particles and can be easily cleaned. The Metaflex clean room doors also serve this process. Think of airtightness, easy to clean and fire safety.


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In order to arrive at a good design, construction, usage and maintenance of such a room, the function and the intended primary process are particularly crucial. Only then can one arrive at a good solution. This demands an interaction between partners where knowledge and experience play an important role. Metaflex has years of experience with various partners and is happy to provide a complete solution for your project. We are happy to work with you as to the design and to share our expertise.

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