ART Fertility Clinics

User: ART Fertility Clinics


Gurgaon, Haryana

New Delhi

Year: 2019

In ORs and lab areas, one of the most crucial component is hermetically sealed doors. The high quality Metaflex hermetic doors help in providing us 100% hermetically sealed OR, make sure that there is no bacterial outflow and gives a perfect touchless hygienic opening. The automation feature not only gives very user friendly & smooth operation but also ensure that there are no bacteria transferring from our hands as these are touchless switches. These are seamless doors and can be cleaned very easily.

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Metaflex supplied hermetic sliding doors for OT, radiation proof doors for cath lab and automatic doors for passage areas. T hese all doors are supplied along with full automation, which enables touchless operation that gives 100% hygiene and smooth operations.

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