Cold chain

Hygiene, speed, reliability and robustness. Those are crucial factors in the cold chain.

Therefore, our refrigerator and freezer doors:

  • always perform optimally;
  • are maintenance-free;
  • satisfy hygiene requirements;
  • support the logistical process

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Food safe

In rooms designated for food storage, maintaining a stable temperature is crucial to preserving the optimal conditions for food safety and quality. To achieve this, our doors are equipped with high-grade insulation and are engineered to seal completely, effectively minimizing temperature fluctuations. Additionally, our doors are designed for the food-processing industry, featuring surfaces that are easy to clean and can be coated with a food-safe finish to ensure hygiene and compliance with industry standards.

Turnover frequency

Slow-operating doors can significantly hinder the efficiency of logistical operations. Our advanced door systems are engineered for speed, ensuring quick and seamless access without compromising the workflow. They are also built for reliability and require minimal maintenance, which is essential in high-traffic environments. The robust construction of our doors allows them to withstand frequent use, and their airtight seals enhance energy efficiency by reducing thermal exchange. This design not only ensures a durable solution but also contributes to lower energy costs and a reduced environmental footprint.

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Metaflex offers an extensive range of solutions in the cold chain and food-processing industry. In order to offer as much additional value as possible in the field of hygiene, speed, reliability and robustness, we continuously work on improving our door systems.

View our product range in the door overview.

Freezer door

A freezer door is used in an insulated room where the temperature is cooled to below freezing for instance for the storage of fresh produce.
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Cold Room

Door systems for insulated cold rooms where the temperature must be retained just above freezing.
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ULO & CA Storage

With ULO and CA storage the oxygen and CO2-level is reduced so that your products can be stored for a longer period of time.
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