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The entire process in our hands.

Metaflex Doors Europe is closely involved  from design to delivery of your project and even afterwards. We are happy to work with you towards the best possible solutions in your specific situation and ensure that your doors are properly installed and maintained.

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Step 1: Involved in the design phase

Our employees prefer to be involved in as early a stage as possible and think along with clients, architects and advisory agencies. By being involved  in the design phase and thinking along about possible solutions, great advantages can be achieved; such as for instance:

  • cost efficiency,
  • improvements of working conditions,
  • a higher productivity.

We speak the language, know how the process works and are able to anticipate. Our goal: to find a solution together with  you that best suits your needs.

Step 2: Production

The Metaflex door systems are fully developed and produced in-house. In our lean factory, the door systems are produced and assembled by skilled technicians with the greatest care.

This manner of producing has many advantages:

  • In-house knowledge
  • Flexibility
  • Great commitment and responsibility of our employees
  • Innovation and development takes place during production

The final result: door systems of outstanding quality, of which we are proud.

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Step 3: Assembly & Installation

The Metaflex door systems have been produced in such a way that they are easy to assemble and install. The doors are always delivered with extensive installation and assembly manuals.

Our doors are assembled and installed by our own well-trained technicians, or by our official partners. These partners have first followed an extensive internal training programme at Metaflex and can always count on technical support if necessary.

The years of experience with your process ensure that our doors perfectly match your requirements and function optimally.

Metaflex is always open to meet new potential partners and/or distributors. Are you interested? See the possibilities.

Step 4: Maintenance

In order to ensure optimal functioning of the doors, we advise that you perform maintenance on the doors at least once a year. For this purpose, Metaflex has its own service team and also collaborates closely with a number of partners.

Both the service team and our partners have a thorough knowledge of our doors and systems. Consequently, they know exactly what needs to be done and maintenance will not take longer than necessary. Consequently, your work process is not or only briefly interrupted.

Because we produce our doors ourselves, possible replacement parts are practically always in stock.

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