Airtight doors

A fully airtight sliding door is ideal for conditioned areas, such as operating rooms, clean rooms, refrigerator and freezer spaces.

  • Metaflex’s airtight, hermetic doors maintain the overpressure without leakage loss up to 100 Pascal.

In this way, the airtight door or hermetic door optimally controls airflows and works in an energy-efficient manner.

Metaflex offers various airtight doors and hermetic doors in its product range for the medical sector, the healthcare sector, clean rooms, laboratories, distribution centres and food-processing areas.


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Airtight doors help to reduce the number of SSIs

The Metaflex airtight doors help hospitals to reduce the number of postoperative surgical site infections (SSIs) that arise in the OR. SSIs are one of the most frequently occurring complications for patients that have undergone surgery in hospitals. SSIs can lead to a longer recovery period, invalidity or even death. SSIs can be reduced by disrupting the airflow in an OR as little as possible.

In order to keep an OR as airtight as possible, we ensure that our doors:

  • seal complete hermetically, so that there is no leakage when the door is closed;
  • open and close as quickly as possible by means of strong powering;
  • reduce unnecessary opening via a signalling system;
  • no critical doors can be open simultaneously by incorporating an airlock function.

Features of hermetic doors

  • The only hermetic door in the world with the airtight certificate ANSI/UL1784;
  • The highest airtight classification 4, according DIN EN 12207;
  • Standard noise-reduction up to 28 decibels;
  • Available as an automatic or manual version;
  • Available in a sliding and hinged version.

Optimal thermal insulation due to airtight doors

a hermetic door system is also ideal for refrigerator and freezer rooms. Because the doors are airtight, they have no measurable leakage and the room remains at the right temperature with minimal energy use. The smooth and seamless airtight doors can easily be cleaned. Partly for this reason, the hermetic doors are very suitable for rooms with high hygiene requirements. Furthermore, the completely airtight seal ensures that the cleaning water does not run into other rooms.

Metaflex offers various airtight door solutions to optimally insulate your work space. We are happy to advise you as to the best possible solutions for your work environment.

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