Westfort Vleesproducten

IJsselstein (NL)

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Geetika Sharma

Sales Manager Export & Global Accounts
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Westfort Vleesproducten is facing a big challenge. The pork sector will not grow anymore, but Westfort won’t downsize. That’s why they will be putting a lot of effort into new concepts in the coming years. One of those concepts is an integrated cold store in order to better serve the international market.

An important point in the new concept is the sustainability and energy-efficiency of the building. In order to achieve this, the doors are of great importance. “We have been working with Metaflex for many years, with all new buildings and all our renovations. And if something is good, why would you try something new? These doors are durable and of proven quality.” Says Mr. Kruiswijk, commercial director of Westfort.

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In this project different cooling- and freezer doors were applied. By using Metaflex doors, it is possible for the customer to guarantee the temperature and conditions in- and outside the refrigeration and freezer rooms without losing energy.

Metaflex cooling and freezer doors close 100% hermetically, which prevents unwanted air currents between rooms. These unwanted air currents make the engine work harder to maintain the temperature and thus higher energy costs. Metaflex doors prevents this from happening!

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