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Metaflex door systems are durable and will last for years. In order to maintain optimal functioning, we advise that you schedule maintenance on the doors at least once a year. Regular maintenance prevents malfunctions which means you can save on expensive repairs.

During maintenance, the functionalities and airtight seal of the door are extensively inspected. The rail system is cleaned and possible worn parts, such as guide wheels, are replaced.

Installation and maintenance of our door systems is done by both us and our official service partners. Are you interested in becoming an official service partner? See the possibilities.

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Metaflex spare parts webshop

Do you want to order spare parts? The Metaflex webshop has been specifically developed for (re)ordering parts. Our webshop provides a clear overview of all the parts of our door systems, including the price. By means of the image, you can immediately see whether you have selected the right part. Subsequently, you can directly place an order.

Don’t have access to the webshop yet and would you like to? Request access from us.


For maintenance of Metaflex doors, please contact your distributor or:

Metaflex Service
Ambachtsstraat 11
7122 MP Aalten

Telephone number: +31 88 1414 900 or
please feel free to contact us online

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