Metaflex Medicare Sound

Metaflex Medicare Sound is an airtight sliding door system that can be designed to provide almost soundproof performance.

  • Sliding door system
  • Airtight/hermetic closure
  • Sound-reducing up to 39 dB
  • Various options available

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Medical application

Hospitals are meant to be spaces of healing, where patients can find solace and rest. However, excessive noise from bustling corridors, medical equipment, or conversations can disrupt their sleep patterns, increase stress levels, and hinder the recovery process.

Noise-reducing doors, such as the innovative Medicare Sound doors, are designed with a special core that absorbs ambient sounds, significantly reducing noise transmission by up to 39 dB. This substantial noise reduction promotes a calm and restful environment conducive to patient well-being and faster recovery.

Noise insulation

Noise insulation refers to the distinction in noise levels between two rooms, and it indicates the ability of a material to obstruct sound transmission. Different terms are used to describe this concept:

This represents the noise insulation value of the door panel. Measurements are conducted on the door body alone, in a stationary state, without considering the presence of sealing rubbers or door frames. The measurement assesses the difference in noise levels between the two rooms separated by the door. This method aligns with ISO10140-2 standards.

This practical value is measured in a laboratory setting. The measurements are performed on the operational sliding door system, including all components such as rubbers and frames. The test is carried out with the door opening and closing at least five times immediately before the measurement to simulate real-world conditions.

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Product specifications

Sliding door
Automatic, Manual
Completely smooth
Free passage
Equal to inside frame width (flush opener) or - 120 mm with hygienic opener
Inside frame width (mm)
800 to 2,000
Inside frame height (mm)
2,100 to 2,600
400 x 400, 300 x 600 or 600 x 600 mm
Window options
Screenline blinding and Smart Glass
Air permeability
Yes, according to EN 1026/12207 class D (4)
Noise-reducing up to Rw = 39 dB (door leaf value) and Rw’p = 37 dB (practice value)
100% freedom of design
Yes, by means of Imagine foil
Medical earthing
G1, G2
Declaration of Conformity
CE Marked
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