Imagine by Metaflex

With Imagine by Metaflex, your doorblade will be finished with high-quality foil. In addition to the standard designs Metaflex offers, you can have every desired colour, print, picture or own design applied. As a result, anything conceivable is possible.

  • 100% freedom of design with Imagine by Metaflex

In its product range Metaflex offers various door systems to which the Imagine foil can be applied. Would you like advice as to the possibilities in your situation? We are happy to work towards a solution with you.


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100% freedom of design

Metaflex can provide a tailor-made design for you. The wall and canopy can also be integrated into the design. Consequently, you create ambiance for the environment and/or  provide functional features. Consider, for example:

  • Door numbers and function descriptions
  • Child-friendly departments
  • Healing environment applications
  • Function description via an image instead of text

The possibilities are endless. We are happy to work with you towards creating a  unique environment!

Imagine foil

The foil has been extensively tested for medical and food-safe applications.


  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-bacterial surface
  • Durable
  • Can withstand dirt, water and wear.

Because it is applied professionally, the adhesive power is optimal.

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