A white paper on energy loss via refrigeration doors and energy-saving measures

In the food industry, refrigeration and freezer doors are of paramount importance for maintaining product quality. A large amount of energy is required to keep the temperature in your refrigeration or freezer unit constant. There is still much to be gained in the area of energy savings in the food industry. Metaflex concurs that this is a key issue and has explored the role doors can play in limiting unnecessary energy losses in the refrigeration and freezing sector.

The energy requirements of refrigeration units are determined by, among other things, the opening and closing of the refrigeration door, which creates what is called a dynamic situation. When the door opens, there is an air exchange which, by means of physical principles, allows the cold air to escape from the refrigeration unit and absorbs the warm air into the refrigeration unit. The refrigeration unit then has to supply more energy in order to maintain the desired temperature. When a door is frequently used, the energy requirement and therefore the costs increase rapidly.

In addition to the dynamic situation, a closed door also plays a key role in the energy loss of a refrigeration unit. In this static situation, the quality and condition of the door and seal are very important. Proper sealing, well-maintained gaskets, the use of additional insulation materials and a high insulation value of the door affect the amount of energy that is lost.

In order to make the effects of the energy loss per door system and refrigeration unit more transparent, Metaflex has used a specially developed tool (which is described in this white paper). Using various parameters, it becomes clear what the performance of your door system means for the energy costs on an annual basis.

As you are accustomed to with Metaflex, we would be happy to visit you with complete information. The tool will be used at a later stage to compare different doors. Nevertheless, we would be happy to talk with you about the possibilities for your refrigeration and freezer cells or to provide tailor-made advice!

Are you curious about what you can do to save energy in your refrigeration and freezing environment? Download Metaflex’s white paper on the role doors play in limiting unnecessary energy losses.

White paper on energy loss

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