Logistical process

Doors can form an important obstacle in the organization’s logistical process. Therefore, these must meet a number of requirements.

  • Large doorway;
  • Fast opening and closing;
  • Simple operation;
  • Prevents disruptions.

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Speed and robustness

Logistics to and from conditioned rooms are often a challenge within a company. In order to transport goods as efficiently, energy-efficiently, clean, damage-free and quickly as possible from A to B, a suitable door is paramount. In the long term, this results in the lowest expenses. The purchase price is not the most important factor, but rather the most maintenance-friendly door with the longest lifespan and the greatest user-ease. Due to the high work pressure, inexperienced forklift drivers, heavy goods, speed and limited manoeuvring space, collisions are regular occurrences on the work floor during which doors are hit. Therefore, the door should be able to take a (little) beating. Nothing is as inconvenient as a disruption in the logistics process, delays in delivery times, dissatisfied customers and high maintenance costs for the doors. Not to mention the loss of energy and formation of ice when the doors do not close properly.

Cold chain process solutions

We are happy to work with you towards optimally functioning logistics for your entire cold chain process. We have 40 years of experience in the food industry, including meat processing. Therefore, we are aware of the current developments and we are capable of tailoring our doors to your preferences. Do you have specific preferences that are not included in our standard product range? Please feel free to ask us about the possibilities. We offer extensive tailored solutions such as mounted rail entrances, interrupted rail and inspection hatches in freezer tunnels and food process machines. Metaflex strives to deliver as much additional value as possible.
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