Hermetic Doors

These doors are equipped with hermetic sealing and have revolutionised various industries from healthcare to laboratories making them indispensable.

Hermetic doors, also known as airtight doors, are specially designed to provide an impermeable barrier against the passage of air, dust, moisture, and even gases. These doors are constructed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they meet stringent requirements for air and water tightness. The hallmark feature of hermetic doors is their hermetic sealing which is engineered to create an air-tight, waterproof, and gas-tight seal when the door is closed.


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Hermetic doors incorporate compressive seals that run along the door frame. The hermetic sealing compresses tightly against the door, effectively sealing off any gaps or openings. This ensures an airtight seal that is not compromised even when subjected to pressure differentials. Many hermetic doors for hospitals are equipped with automatic door bottoms. These devices create a secure seal at the threshold of the door when it is closed, eliminating any space for air or moisture to infiltrate. They are particularly effective in hospitals and areas where cleanliness and sterility are of utmost importance.

Metaflex offers hermetically sealed doors in India with multi-point locking systems and ensures that the door is securely fastened from multiple points around its perimeter, further enhancing the sealing capabilities.

Metaflex hermetic doors, as one of the best Hermetic sealed doors in India have found their way into a variety of applications like healthcare sectors and laboratories. Metaflex offers hermetic doors for hospitals to prevent the ingress of contaminants ensuring infection control and patient safety. Moreover, life science facilities such as research laboratories, especially those dealing with sensitive experiments or hazardous materials, rely on hermetic doors to maintain the controlled conditions necessary for their work.

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