Anti-radiation lead lined doors

Anti-radiation doors serve as critical barriers, ensuring proper shielding between X-ray or radiation rooms and their surrounding areas. These specially designed doors by Metaflex find their niche in the medical sector, notably in radiology departments.



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What sets Metaflex apart as one of the best anti-radiation door manufacturers in India, is our unique provision of lead-lined doors in a fire-resistant variant, making them the sole supplier offering this combination. Moreover, our X-ray doors come in various configurations, each featuring lead lining ranging from 1 to a maximum of 3 millimeters in thickness. This meticulous design ensures that radiation remains confined within the room, safeguarding those outside.

Understanding the intensity of radiation within a particular space is pivotal to designing anti-radiation doors with precision. It directly influences the amount of lead integrated into the door’s construction. The farther one is from the radiation source, the less potent the radiation becomes. This scattered radiation poses risks when not contained by anti-radiation doors.

Primary radiation, the portion put to beneficial use, is absorbed by the patient. On the contrary, scattered radiation serves no purpose and must be controlled to ensure the safety of hospital personnel, bystanders, and other patients. Metaflex’s radiation-resistant X-ray doors offer an effective solution to this concern.

Automation is strongly recommended for anti-radiation doors due to the substantial increase in weight from the lead insert. Metaflex, as one of the best anti-radiation door manufacturers in India, employs a proprietary automation system, ensuring smooth and precise operation regardless of the door’s weight. This automation can also be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, becoming an integral part of your operational workflow.

Opting for Metaflex’s anti-radiation doors not only ensures top-tier radiation shielding but also stands as a testament to your commitment to safety in medical environments. As one of the best anti-radiation door manufacturers in India, Metaflex combines technical expertise with quality craftsmanship, making its doors an indispensable asset in healthcare facilities nationwide.

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