Butchery Wout van de Veen

ButcheryWout van de Veen


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Chris Mobbs

Account Manager Export Life Science – Healthcare
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Butcher Wout van de Veen is a recognized master butcher who selects, slaughters and processes the meat himself. This not only benefits the quality of the meat, but also the freshness of the meat.

The taste and quality has not gone unnoticed. Butcher’s Wout van de Veen has grown tremendously in recent years and has therefore chosen to expand the existing butcher’s shop. For example, a new sausage-making room has been built, a cold kitchen, two cold stores and a freezer cell.


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In this project of Slagerij Wout van de Veen, the Polaris Chiller was used. By using the Metaflex Polaris Chiller, it is possible for the customer to keep the temperature conditions both inside and outside the cold stores constant without losing energy. Also, the Polaris Chiller is extremely suitable for humid areas and is also feasible in combination with a hanging rail opening or person passageway.

This is because Metaflex’s refrigeration and freezer doors are 100% hermetically sealed, eliminating unwanted air flows. Undesired air currents actually cause the cooling or freezing cell to have to make more effort to maintain the temperature and thus cause higher energy costs. This is prevented with the Metaflex Polaris Chiller.


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