Water resistant doors

Hygiene is a topic of great significance in the Food industry. Because of this, doors are cleaned very frequently to guarantee hygiene. The electronics of an automatic door system have to be water resistant for that reason.

  • Metaflex refrigerator doors are IP 65 certified

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IP certification

IP is the international classification for water resistance of electronics. Water resistance is not the only aspect which is tested by the IP test, contact and ingress of objects is tested as well. An IP-code exists of ‘IP’ followed up by two digits. The first digit is the degree of protection for contact and ingress of objects. The second digit displays the grade of protection against liquid ingression.

The classification for protection against contact and ingress of objects starts with protection against objects larger than 50mm and a product is fully protected against ingress of dust with a rating of six. The resistance against water is indexed from zero to nine. A product is protected against dripping water with a rating of one and a rating of nine means protection  against powerful high temperature water jets.

Automatic Metaflex doors are IP 65 certified.

The Metaflex controller is IP 65 certified. So, the controller is fully protected against dust and water from a water jet. Technically, the controller can resist a volume of 12,5 liters water per minute. Therefore the door system can be cleaned smoothly.

Not just the controller is protected against water damage. By using stainless steel, the complete door system is water proof. Besides that, Metaflex door systems are also watertight. A closed doors will not leak any water when it is sprayed with a water jet.

Metaflex’ doors are finished completely smooth. Therefore the doors can be cleaned effectively and will not hold any water after cleaning. Read more about our hygienic doors.

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