Valga Hospital

Valga Hospital

Valga (Estonia)

Year of construction:

AA Uksed

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Valga Hospital AS was established in 1997. As the largest company in Valga County, the hospital employs nearly 380 people, including 70 doctors and 140 nursing and care staff. Approximately 4,000 patients are treated at Valga Hospital every year. The number of outpatient visits is nearly 40 000. Specialists in more than 20 specialties are available. In specialties that do not have the full capacity of a single specialist in the region, the so-called “visiting doctor service” is used, which allows for faster access to quality specialist care for the population of the region. In addition to medical care, the Valga hospital provides welfare and special care services to a total of 90 clients. The hospital has a surface area of 15 000 m².

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To support its infrastructure and ensure a airtight enviroment, privacy, and efficiency of its operations, Metaflex provided several hermetic door solutions for the hospital.

These include:

  • 20 Medicare doors: These doors are likely designed for healthcare facilities, offering ease of access, hygiene, and durability, making them suitable for the hospital’s high-traffic areas and stringent sanitation requirements.
  • Medicare EI1: This particular door enhances the hospital’s safety measures by providing fire resistance, ensuring that in the event of a fire, critical areas can remain protected longer, allowing for safe evacuation and preventing the spread of fire.
  • Medicare double leaf sliding door: This type of door is ideal for areas within the hospital that require wide access points, such as operating rooms, emergency rooms, or wards that need to accommodate the movement of beds and medical equipment effortlessly and safely.
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