Bromma Sjukhus

Bromma Sjukhus

Bromma (Stockholm)

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In March 2020, Vectura acquired Bromma Hospital with the goal of transforming an aging building into a vibrant nursing home. This renewal involves the introduction of new healthcare providers who are able to work together and share facilities such as common locker rooms, conference rooms and service functions. This initiative is aimed at increasing occupancy rates and achieving economies of scale that benefit both the companies and their clients. The collaboration allows patient care processes to take place entirely within one building, leading to more efficient and safe care delivery for all.

The Bromma Sjukhus is in the process of developing an enclosed care complex that serves as a natural place for people-to-people meetings. This new environment will be accessible to the residents of Bromma and Västerort, filled with a wide range of care and services for both patients and visitors.

Bromma Hospital is expected to be completed by late fall 2024. Nevertheless, several organizations have already moved in and begun providing care to their clients.

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As part of this transformation, Metaflex played a significant role by contributing to the revitalization of Bromma Hospital. Metaflex supported this effort by installing nine Medinox doors, designed specifically for the operating rooms (ORs) within the hospital. These doors, selected for their advanced features such as noise reduction, airtightness and hygienic finish, help create an optimal environment for surgical procedures.

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