Dijklander Hospital

Dijklander Hospital

Purmerend (NL)

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Geetika Sharma

Sales Manager Export & Global Accounts
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Efficiency for patient and hospital are of great importance at the Dijklander Hospital in the northern regions Waterland and West-Friesland. Therefore, prior to the renovation of the hospital, a lot of attention was paid on the layout of the different rooms in the OR complex.

The operating rooms (OR) were completely renovated. For example, there have been made a difference between the level of performance based on the infection risk of the operation. In addition, the hygienic facilities were outdated at the 20 year old OR Complex and were also addressed during the renovation.

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As part of increasing the efficiency of de patient route, the holding- and recovery rooms were addressed during the renovation of the OR complex. In the renovated complex, these two rooms are combined to one and will be closed by the Metaflex Metaficient. With this solution the bed and weelchair traffic wil smoothly get in and out.

Furthermore, the Dijklkander choose Metaflex Medicare sliding doors to closer their brand new OR’s. With the Medicare, the operating theatres are closed in a way thtat the amount air transportation is minimal and therefore the risk of infection is very low. In addition, the Medicare has a completely smooth finishing and therefore dust and dirt can’t attach to the surface.

Finally, some fire-resistant Medicare EI1 sliding doors were applied in the hospital. This makes sure that the safety of the patient and staff is guaranteed, even in case of an emergency.

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