CVIC Leiden University Medical Center

Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum

Leiden (NL)


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Geetika Sharma

Sales Manager Export & Global Accounts
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Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) is primarily an institution for medical innovation and tries to improve patient care by scientific research.

Recently a completely new Cardiovascular Intervention Center (CVIC) was realized in Leiden. This centre exists out of multiple operating theatres, cardiac catheterization rooms and hybrid operating theatres. Within these rooms, minimal air transport and hygiene are of great importance to prevent the spread of infections. In addition, the CVIC also uses radiation for diagnosis and treatment, which should not leak to surrounding areas. Because the safety of patients and staff are of great importance for the Hospital, the LUMC was searching for door systems which provide a solution for all these challenges.

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After previous collaborations with the LUMC, Metaflex have also been chosen in this project. Besides the airtight Medicare sliding door, the hospital also opted for a radiation resistant version. This lead lined door provide a correct shielding between the CVIC and other surrounding areas, which provided the radiation from leaking. Furthermore, Metaflex also delivered the Metaflex Medicare Intelligence in Leiden. This innovative solution allows staff to see from outside what is happening in the OR through warning lighting, combined with a screen.

Last but not least, the hospital also opted for the fire-resistant Medicare EI60. This fire-resistant door solution ensures that the staff and patients are protected from fire for at least 60 minutes in case of an emergency.

The LUMC has been using Metaflex door system for quite some time. “The choice for the supplier of the door systems was already fixed. In consultation with Metaflex, the customer has determined the principles” says Alex van Egmond of Du Prie construction & development.

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