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Amphia hospital

Breda (NL)


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Read the interview with the project manager at the Amphia hospital Gerard Jacobs, in which he explains why the hospital has chosen for Metaflex doors:

We are currently in the newly built section at the Amphia hospital in Breda.

For the hospital specifically, the objectives were to offer good quality care, especially in regard to the doors right in front of us.

They had to be airtight, they had to be hygienically sound, and the finish had to be tip-top, in the sense that they had to be without rough surfaces or parts sticking out.

The operability had to be good, we had some experiences with a number of door suppliers, and we specifically asked for Metaflex in the request, because they deliver exactly that quality, and they can guarantee it 100%. And that’s the experience we had, so based on that experience we told the contractor that we wanted Metaflex doors.

The wishes or demands of users change, and that’s something we have especially experienced in the intensive care, where we had to look for a completely different type of doors.’

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‘We have specifically chose the Medicare doors, the most important ones are the operating rooms and the cardiac catheterization rooms. Air control in an OR is of crucial importance and concerns everyone.

Another door we chose, a very important one, is a glass door for the intensive care. Previously, the intensive care had a closed door with a window. And we took a look together at what would be the best solution to keep the patient in view as much as possible.

Well, we’re very happy with the result. The air tightness is in order, the shape is good, the finish is good, hygiene is a very important aspect, the smoothness of the door. Also the ledges on which dirt is not allowed pile up and that kind of things, and we’re very happy with it.’

The following automated sliding doors were installed in the Amphia hospital:

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