Privacy statement

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The purpose of this privacy statement

Uw privacy is belangrijk voor Metaflex Doors Europe B.V. We hebben deze privacyverklaring opgesteld zodat u weet hoe we uw persoonlijke informatie verzamelen, gebruiken, delen en opslaan.

Your privacy is important for Metaflex Doors Europe B.V. We have inventoried this privacy statement to inform you about how we collect, use, share and store your personal information.

This Privacy Statement relates to the online services of Metaflex Doors Europe B.V. (“Metaflex”) and contains general information about how your personal details are processed by Metaflex employees, partners and related companies. Metaflex processes personal data collected on the website in accordance with this Privacy Statement and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read this Privacy Statement carefully before you visit the website. If you have any questions, contact us.

Personal data collected on the website

Metaflex collects your personal data online when you fill in a form for an advice request, contact request, information request, event registration,  situation analysis, newsletter application or job application. The forms indicate which data are required to use the service and which personal data are optional. When creating an account for the webshop, personal data is also collected. Metaflex also uses Google Analytics and Hotjar to collect and analyze anonymous website data to improve the user experience and content.

The data that can be collected are:

  • Name
  • Adress
  • Company data
  • E-mail adress
  • User name
  • Information that you fill in yourself in an open field, such as a message in the contact form.
  • Log in data
  • Motivation letter
  • CV

The puprose of collecting personal data

Metaflex collects and processes your personal data in order to:

  • to comply with our legal obligations;
  • provide customized services;
  • providing potential customers with specific information;
  • identify and communicate with you;
  • send you a newsletter, offer, user information, service message or other electronic message;
  • provide you with a user account;
  • keep internal registers;
  • improve and develop our website;

Management of your personal data

We take appropriate security measures to limit abuse of and unauthorized access to your personal data. In this way we ensure that only the necessary persons have access to the data, that access to the data is protected and that our security measures are checked regularly.

Metaflex does not store personal data for longer than necessary for the purposes mentioned above. The retention period for personal data depends on the purpose for which the personal data is used. In any case, the applicable statutory retention period is taken into account, the reasonable expectation that personal data will still be used for the purpose for which they were obtained and with the legitimate interests of Metaflex. As soon as the personal data is no longer necessary, it will be anonymized or deleted.

Sharing and publishing personal data

Your personal data processed by Metaflex will not be sold to third parties. Metaflex can leave parts of the business to third parties. Metaflex will share your information with third parties if they are required to carry out the business activities. Metaflex works closely with its distributor network and, where necessary, shares personal data with its distributors in order to better handle your requests.

Contact Metaflex

Contact Metaflex if you want to check the personal data stored by us for correctness. In the event of any incorrect information, Metaflex will change or delete the information at your request.

If the processing of your personal data takes place with your approval, you can withdraw this approval at any time by contacting Metaflex. Because it is necessary for the delivery of services and products to process personal data, withdrawing your approval may result in us being unable to offer you some or all services and products.

For more information, contact Metaflex.

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