‘This is a great employer for ambitious technicians’

Gerjan te Lindert (21) completed an internship at the internationally operating technical company Metaflex and now holds a challenging job there. His employer in Aalten supports him in his part-time Technical Business Administration (Bachelor) studies. This provides Gerjan with a good idea of his opportunities at Metaflex and his future prospects in the technical industry. “Metaflex is highly recommended for interns and employed technicians.”

“From the very first moment, it was clear that this was a great place to do your internship,” says Gerjan (21 years old). “I was given a substantial internship assignment: creating a test set-up from A to Z. I spent 15 weeks working on the project, where I was able to apply a whole range of competencies.” Metaflex produces high-quality, technical door systems for the healthcare, food and pharmaceutical sectors.  A whole new world opened up for Gerjan. “Doors made here are highly specialist in nature and are used all over the world. Did you know that certain hospital doors have to meet a whole raft of requirements? Radiation-proof and fireproof, smoke-proof, airtight, automatic and sterile, to name but a few. I am amazed. I never thought I would find it so interesting. Every day I learn something new.”

Study & work

Gerjan has now graduated from his MBO vocational study programme and received plenty of help from his Metaflex colleagues in the process. “Everyone here feels like a close colleague; they are all so helpful. My supervisor really made time for me and I could ask anyone anything.” During the evaluation of the internship, the subject came up that Gerjan wanted to do a part-time University of Applied Sciences bachelor in Technical Business Administration. Metaflex suggested a traineeship at Metaflex and offered him financial compensation for his study costs. “I now work at Metaflex for four days a week while studying alongside this.” During his years of study, it was agreed that Gerjan would work in different departments at Metaflex . “This way, I get to know the company and my colleagues across all departments really well.”

Internal traineeship

The first year of his traineeship is now over. Studying and working has proved to be very intensive, but also very rewarding. “I work 32 hours a week and go to school one day and also have lots of practical assignments and reports to do. But I do get time to work on those in the workplace too. Things go well once you’ve found your flow. And whatever I learn at school, I can immediately put into practice.” Discipline is a must. Over the past year, Gerjan started out in the company at production level and subsequently went into article management. Currently, he is working in the Data & Process department, setting up work instructions and making production processes more transparent. “If the current school module does not quite fit in with the department I’m working in, then my colleagues make time for me so I can provide input for the assignments. That’s really great.”

Excellent future prospects

Gerjan gets much out of the challenge of solving problems for his colleagues by getting processes to work properly. “The work is really varied. Sometimes I’m sat at the computer, other times I work on the production floor.” Because of his studies in Technical Business Administration, he is very employable across the board, and therefore highly valuable to the company. “I know a bit of everything. In future, I can go in any direction: the design and development side of things, supply chain, work preparation or I may even become a manager. At Metaflex, I’m given every opportunity to discover and grow.” The company is desperate for new vocational and higher professional education graduates and expert technical professionals. 

Are you eager to learn and social by nature?

Young trainees wholeheartedly recommend Metaflex to every future trainee and job-seeker. “They mainly consider what you have to offer. Everyone is welcome, as long as you are eager to work, eager to learn, are able to collaborate on projects within the company, are social and respectful towards colleagues and customers.” There are plenty of vacancies that MBO vocational students, HBO applied science students or academics can apply for. And interns are always welcome, of course.

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