Healing environment

A healing environment is a space that has a healing, recuperative or curing effect.

  • A healing or recuperative space

This entails that the patient environment has been designed in such a way that this positively affects physical and/or mental health.

Metaflex offers various solutions in order to also make your environment a healing environment.



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Healing environment

A healing environment or an environment that advances healing and recovery is in line with the theory by Edward O. Wilson. In his Biophilia hypothesis, he describes the connection between human beings and other forms of life. According to him, human beings have a natural preference for nature, life and living systems.

Technological progress has led to us spending less time in natural environments. This goes against our natural preference and explains why people like having trees, plants or flowers in their home and garden.

A healing environment takes this preference into account and ensures that the environment optimally contributes to the patient’s recovery. An environment rich in natural images and vistas reduces stress and increases focus and concentration. A blue ceiling or image of the sky on the ceiling provides a spacious feeling. A patient’s emotional state can also be influenced by making use of music, scent and special lighting.


The Metaflex doors can be delivered in every desired colour and with many different kinds of motifs. This way, the doors can contribute to a healing environment, without thereby losing their functional properties.

A door in a wood motif, for instance, can easily be cleaned, but suits a healing environment better than a stainless steel door or shiny white door.

Imagine door foil

With the Imagine door foil, the options are even greater. This foil allows for the application of any desired print, picture or design on the door. This allows the doors, canopies and walls to be optimally customized to the healing environment that they are in.

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