Anti-radiation lead lined doors

Radiation-proof doors provide the correct shielding between an X-ray room or radiation room and other surrounding areas. These Metaflex lead lined doors have been specially developed for the medical sector, such as the radiology department.

  • Metaflex is the only supplier that also supplies lead lined doors in a fire-resistant version

In addition, our X-ray doors are available in different versions. The doors are inlaid with 1 to a maximum of 3 mm lead equivalent so that the radiation does not reach outside the room.


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Power of radiation

It is very important to know how strong the radiation is in a certain room. This affects the number of millimetres of lead that is used in the lead lined door. The further away a person is from the source, the weaker the radiation. Besides this, a strong radiation also causes a higher amount of scattered radiation. This scattered radiation, or radiation that bounces off, is the radiation that comes outside the radiation-tight space when not using radiation-resistant lead doors.

The small amount of primary radiation, which is put to good use, is in fact absorbed by the patient. The scattered radiation, on the other hand, is not useful and it is therefore important for the safety of hospital staff, passers-by and other patients that they do not come into unnecessary contact with X-ray radiation. Radiation-resistant X-ray doors from Metaflex are the perfect solution for this.

Characteristics of radiation-resistant doors

  • Anti-radiation door inlaid with 1 to 3 millimetres of lead
  • Airtight according to ANSI/UL1784 and with the highest air-tightness classification 4 according to DIN EN 12207;
  • Suitable for medical grounding (K3, NEN1010)
  • Available with window in different sizes

Automation for lead lined doors

Due to the insert of lead in the radiation-resistant doors, the weight increases significantly. For this reason, Metaflex always recommends automatic operation for a lead lined door. At Metaflex we, therefore, use the automation system we developed ourselves. This ensures the X-ray door moves smoothly and accurately, regardless of weight. In addition, the automation can be linked to existing systems, making it part of your work process.

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