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Healthcare and hospital door solutions

Patient-safety and preventing incidents as well as complications are a very important theme in healthcare. We respond to this need by ensuring that our hospital doors perform optimally in the field of:

  • Hygiene;
  • Safety;
  • Ease of use.

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Our hospital door solutions

Metaflex offers an extensive range of solutions for healthcare and hospitals. We continuously work on developing new door systems. Here, we offer additional value in the field of hygiene, safety and user-ease.

Also take a look at our door overview.

OR Door for OR complex
The OR complex is a sealed off area within the hospital where operations are performed.
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Radiology is a department in the hospital where diagnoses are made and patients are treated by means of radiation.
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Patientroom door
Patient rooms are designed according to the needs in order to increase the chance of recovery.
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Intensive Care Unit
The Intensive Care Unit (IC) is a department within the hospital where seriously ill patients are admitted.
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Medical doors

Metaflex Medicare Intelligence
Metaflex Medicare IntelligenceThe innovative door system Metaflex Medicare Intelligence provides a warning of what is going on behind the OR door.View this door
Metaflex Metaficient
Metaflex Metaficient The Metaflex Metaficient is a high-quality sliding door for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.View this door
Metaflex Medicare EI1
Metaflex Medicare EI1 This hermetic sliding-door system satisfies the highest safety and fire-resistance standards on a EU level.View this door
Metaflex Medicare Glass
Metaflex Medicare Glass A combination of a complete hermetic seal with openness and transparency; visual contact is maintained.View this door

Medical doors

Hospital door systems are an important part of the interior of a hospital. In addition to appearance, ease to clean and high quality, particularly the control of medical doors is very important.

For example, it is often of crucial importance that a hospital door does not open when it should remain closed, for instance in a quarantine room or in the X-ray department. Or that the sliding hospital doors are allowed to open, but only if that is really necessary. Such as for instance an OR door, where the air in the OR room has to remain as clean as possible. Other hospital doors have to open and close automatically, without requiring any manual action. Think for example of: the emergency room of the hospital.

Metaflex offers tailor-made solutions for all these specific preferences of medical door systems. Would you like to know which? Please feel free to contact us.

Standards and directives

Metaflex has investigated how our hospital door systems can contribute to reducing postoperative surgical site infections (SSIs). Because the frequency with which the OR medical door opens during an operation and how long it remains open influences the chance of an SSI. Using medical door logging systems, we make this information comprehensible so that you can carry out changes on the basis of this.

Furthermore, we constantly remain informed of the stringent standards and directives in your market. The applicable fire-resistance standards, the building decree of 2012, the working group infection prevention (WIP), international directives for modulation of ORs and the OR management plan: we know what is going on, so we can always offer a suitable solution.

Would you like to know how you can meet the applicable standards and comply with directives in your hospital?  Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you.


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