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Metaflex: that’s us.

We develop and deliver professional, airtight door systems. Solutions that are renowned worldwide for their extraordinary safety, reliability, and sustainability. We develop and deliver these in the service of global Healthcare, Cold Chain, and Life Science markets.  

Organizations and companies in these markets are averse to risks and uncertainties. Their airtight, sealed spaces are burdened by the stringent requirements and standards. Safety and reliability are unrelenting conditions. Yet it must also be possible to carry out the processes in these spaces in a flexible, comfortable and cost-efficient manner. All in all a complex and challenging task.

With over 40 years of experience, we are convinced of the power of listening and collaboration. We make the journey from initiation to operation and follow-up together. 

All our airtight door systems are based on the situations, objectives, and wishes of our customers, from design to assembly. Each new project is a completely new journey.

By making sure we do not stand still, by keeping up with the technological innovations and the insights in the market that are constantly being perfected, we are able to give our customers exactly what they need: Absolute Reliability.  In every aspect. From quality advice to quality product. From project proposal to end result.

Metaflex. Meet reliability.

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Metaflex was founded in 1976 in Lichtenvoorde, in the Achterhoek region of the Netherlands. Thanks  to the fast-growing client base, we started our own production company in Aalten in 1988. Ever since then, Metaflex has guaranteed the production of very high-quality doors.

In order to deliver the best doors, it is important to be informed of the latest developments, rules and directives in the sectors we are active in. Therefore, we actively continually work on this. If necessary, we can provide you with extensive advice in this respect. Metaflex is located in the Netherlands and India.

Metaflex Doors Europe BV

Ambachtsstraat 11, NL-7122 MP Aalten
NL-7120 AH Aalten
The Netherlands
 +31 88 1414 900

IBAN: NL76 RABO 0143 9808 31

CC: 09052999 Arnhem
VAT-No.: NL0059.90.713.B.01
EORI nr: NL0059.90.713

Metaflex Doors India Pvt. Ltd.

8-A, Udyog Vihar, Part I&II
Greater Noida (U.P.) 201306

+91 120 4751000

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