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Metaflex CA Door

Reliable gastight refrigeration door suitable for ULO and CA rooms.

  • Manual operated sliding door
  • Airtight and gastight sealing
  • Suitable for temperatures from 0°C
  • Including gastight hatch with window

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Gastight door with plastic revolving window

The Metaflex CA door is suitable for storage locations of perishable products in the food industry. This gastight door concerns a gastight closing door system and is therefore extremely suitable for your CA and ULO room.

To prevent unnecessary opening and closing, and thus unnecessary energy loss, the CA door is available with a plastic revolving window. To protect the safety of the user, the hatch can also be opened from the inside in case of an emergency.

Gastight door system

The Metaflex CA Door is supplied with a mounting frame and a low-noise aluminum rail system with notch operation.

The 100 mm thick door leaf consists of replaceable panels and has a polyurethane core (CFC-free). The CA Door has a heavy-duty aluminium frame, is without a cold bridge, and is finished with a coated steel plate.

The door leaf has a sealing profile all around and can optionally be fitted with a stainless steel protective bumper or kick guard panel.

Properties CA Door
TypeSliding door
Inside frame width (mm)1.500 to 2.500
Inside frame height (mm)2.100 to 3.900
InsulatingSuitable for positive temperatures from 0°C
Declaration of ConformityCE marked
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Product information CA door
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