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Automatic doors

The Metaflex automatic door system is the result of years of experience in the market. Metaflex developed the automation for the doors in-house, as a result of which these fulfil virtually all specific requirements.

Metaflex offers various automatic doors in its product range for the medical sector, the healthcare sector, clean rooms, laboratories, distribution centres and food-processing areas.

Automatic sliding doors

No matter how heavy or large the door is, the flexible set-up of the automation and the software ensures that every door moves smoothly and accurately. The motor is virtually silent, the automation allows fast and stable opening of the doors and delayed closing. The sliding doors are reliable and easy to maintain.

Combining with other system

Metaflex’s automatic doors can be coupled with ease to:

  • building management systems
  • fire information systems
  • home automation developments, such as the chip for wandering alarms/detection
  • access restriction systems
  • operating theatre software platforms
  • door logging systems

Safety automatic sliding doors

The Metaflex automatic sliding doors comply with all applicable machinery directives. In case of an emergency, you can effortlessly stop the door by hand, even at the highest speed and with very heavy doors.

Metaflex also offers radiation-proof, fire-resistant automatic doors.

Automatic Operation 

With the ‘plug and play’ system, the door automatically sets itself up. As a result, you do not have to do anything and you can rest assured knowing that everything will work without fault.

Our automatic doors

Metaflex offers an extensive range of automatic doors. We continuously work on developing new automatic doors.

Metaflex Medinox

Metaflex Medinox offers a complete hermetic seal, executed in full stainless steel for optimal hygiene.

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Metaflex Medicare

Metaflex Medicare: an airtight sliding door system that can be completely tailored to your wishes.

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Metaflex Polaris Chiller

Large airtight sliding door, suitable for cooled spaces.

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Metaflex Medicare Intelligence

The innovative door system Metaflex Medicare Intelligence provides a warning of what is going on behind the door when someone wants to access the OR.

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You can find our automatic doors everywhere!

We have developed and installed door systems for various sectors for more then 40 years. In the past years, we have worked on many projects. Projects we are proud of. You can find part of our portfolio here.

Proud of our clients

We are happy to work with our clients towards the best possible solutions.

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International network

More than 25 qualified distributors and partners can help you with the purchase, installation and service of our doors.

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Our consultants are happy to help you, without obligation, with your project-specific needs. Take advantage of our years of experience.

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