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The OR complex is the department within a hospital where operations are performed. This department is sealed off from the rest of the hospital to ensure that the department remains sterile and therefore, free of  bacteria. This is done by means of control of the air treatment and a (slight) overpressure.

In order to maintain the overpressure in the OR room, an air-tight seal is very important.

  • Worldwide, Metaflex OR door systems are the only doors that provide a 100% airtight seal in accordance with the ANSI/UL 1784 standard.

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OR complex

An OR complex in a hospital consists of a wide variety of sub-sections, not just the operation rooms:

  • Holding room - the room in which the patients are prepared for the operation.
  • Operating room - room in which the operation takes place.
  • Preparation room - in this sterile space that is connected to the OR, the required materials are laid out.
  • Recovery - the recovery room.
  • CSSD - the central sterile services department cleans and sterilises the instruments.
  • Technical room - all the technical equipment, such as the air treatment system, are located here.
  • Other rooms - such as the reception, changing rooms, canteen and hand-washing room.

Many kinds of employees work closely together in an operation department, including nurses, operation assistants, anaesthesiologists and anaesthesiology employees, medical specialists, doctors and interns, X-ray technicians, endoscopy nurses and sterile medical tools employees.

In order for the employees of the OR complex within the various sections to be able to seamlessly work together, good organisation within the department is important. The Metaflex OR door solutions can certainly contribute a great  deal to this. View our extensive range of medical doors.

OR doors

Metaflex OR doors are airtight and seal the room perfectly, due to which pressure-loss is non-existent. In this way, you have control over the air that flows into and out of the OR and the doors fit perfectly with the layout of the operating room. In order to further increase this control, we can install the doors in an interlock position. In that case, the OR doors can only be opened separately and not simultaneously.

Quality control

The Metaflex automatic hospital doors can easily be connected to a door log or OR access system. This allows you to keep track of exactly how often and how long the door opens and closes during a procedure. In this way, the door provides a valuable contribution to combating postoperative surgical site infection (SSI) and you comply with the directives of VMS (Safety Management System).

Features of the Metaflex OR doors

  • No pressure loss in accordance with the ANSI/UL 1784 standard.
  • Standard noise-reduction up to 28 decibels.
  • Available in combination with fire-resistance.
  • Suitable for medical earthing (K3, NEN1010).
  • Available in a manual and automatic version.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your OR space? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to inform you of the possibilities.

OR doors

Metaflex Medicare Intelligence
Metaflex Medicare IntelligenceThe innovative door system Metaflex Medicare Intelligence provides a warning of what is going on behind the door when someone wants to access the OR.View this door
Metaflex Medicare
Metaflex MedicareMetaflex Medicare: an airtight sliding door system that can be completely tailored to your wishes.View this door
Metaflex Medicare EI1
Metaflex Medicare EI1 Dit hermetische schuifdeursysteem voldoet aan de hoogste Safety; en Fire-resistance normen op Europees niveau.View this door
Metaflex Medicare Glass
Metaflex Medicare Glass A combination of a complete hermetic seal with openness and transparency; visual contact is maintained.View this door
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