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Blast freezer door

To be able to quickly freeze freshly cooked, baked or steamed products, the following features are important:

  • An extremely high insulation value
  • Heat resistant
  • Resistant to bacteria
  • No ice formation

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Blast freezer door

A blast freezer is used in the food sector to quickly freeze freshly cooked, baked or steamed products. It is applied to products such as pre- baked chips that come straight from the oil at 185°C and is brought to a core temperature of -24°C as quickly as possible.

Due to the fast cooling, freezing, the lifespan of the products is extended and bacteria are killed. This is essential in the modern-day food chain where 24/7 delivery has become the norm. Nowadays, the market is a global market where deep-frozen products and complete meals have to be available at every moment of the day.

In order to quickly reach a temperature of -24°C, the temperature in the blast freezer is set at -42°C. Moisture, condensation and air from outside the freezer have to be limited to a minimum during this accelerated cooling process. This requires a lot from the walls and doors in the freezer.

A regular freezer door is 120 mm thick, but a blast freezer door has a standard thickness of 170 mm. Additionally, the cooling equipment and ventilators of the freezers are heavier.


Spiral freezing tunnel
A blast freezer is often applied in spiral freezing tunnels. This is used for ready-made dishes that the consumer only has to defrost or heat up. For example bread, hamburgers, chicken wings, pizza’s and many other products. In a freezer tunnel, the warm products are fed into the front side and subsequently, after a long trajectory through the tunnel and tower, come out on the other side as frozen final product, ready to be stored in regular freezers.

Blast Freezer cell
In the meat industry, the Blast Freezer is often a solid cell, where the frozen meat is immediately transported to storage or distribution.

Metaflex has developed a special Blast Freezer Door. This door is tailored to your preferences. The door has a long lifespan and has been specially developed to function perfectly under these extreme conditions.

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Blast freezer door

Metaflex Orion Blast Freezer
Metaflex Orion Blast Freezer Airtight sliding door, withstands extremely low temperatures.View this door
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