Metzgerei Diepenveen

Metzgerei Diepenveen

Herveld (NL)



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Butchery Diepenveen is a 60 year old family business from Herveld (NL) that specialises in meat slaughter, processing and the selling of quality meat. In order to increase the capacity of the company, Butchery Diepenveen has chosen to expand the business and build an integrated store.

Important in the expansion in the slaughterhouse was the proper closure of processing rooms and new freezers and cold stores. In addition, it is very important for the butchery that the processes are efficient. An example of this is the hanging rail connection between differents spaces that doesn’t need to be interrupted.

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To serve the wishes of Butchery Diepenveen as good as possible, different kinds of refrigerator and freezer doors were used. For example, the BDM and KDM hinged doors have been chosen to make it easy for people to move between different spaces and still seal the room airtight and hygienic.

Furthermore, Polaris Chiller and Freezer sliding doors have been used to seal larger passageways airtight. To serve the need of an efficient working process, Metaflex installed a passageway for the hanging rail. With this solution the meat can follow the route and as little as possible conditioned air is lost.

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