Afbeelding: Metaflex Kiev

Metaflex welcomes Ukranian delegation


Metaflex recently welcomed a delegation from Ukraine to get to know each other and exchange information about Healthcare projects in the Netherlands and Ukraine. Reason for the visit is the construction of an oncological children's hospital in Kiev.

The delegation consisted of representatives from the main contractor of the project (RIOLA Modul), the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and doctors of the Oncological Children's Hospital. The Ukraine Embassy guided the delegation.

The visit included a tour to the SKB hospital in Winterswijk and a presentation of the Flex-OK concept at Interflow in Wieringerwerf. The delegation was very impressed by what was shown and had a very positive experience. Metaflex thanks the delegation for their visit and all parties involved for their dedication and cooperation.

In September 2018, another delegation from Ukraine will come to the Netherlands under the supervision of the Minister of Health of Ukraine. This delegation will visit the World of Healthcare Congress in The Hague, among other places.

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