Metaflex presents new CA door


The Metaflex CA Door is an unique combination of the robust design of the Metaflex sliding doors and a complete gastight closing system for Controlled Atmosphere (CA) and Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) rooms. This creates a reliable and gastight refrigerating sliding door, which is perfectly suitable for the storage and ripening processes of potatoes, vegetables and fruits.r.

Robust and hygienic design

Metaflex sliding doors are known for their robust design, user-friendly operation, high insulation values and extremely long life. The unique closing system with an indentation provides a hermetic sealing. The smooth finish and the use of high-end materials makes it easy to clean the door and keep it clean.

Gastight sealing

The Metaflex CA door runs with an inflatable, double-layer sealing rubber which ensures a complete airtight and gastight seal, even with an uneven floor or wall. After closing, the door can be hermetically sealed and locked with the stainless-steel lever.

To prevent unnecessary opening and closing, the CA door will be provided with a gastight, synthetic revolving window. This allows a visual inspection, without opening the door. The window can be opened from the inside in case of an emergency. As an additional benefit, the revolving window prevents unnecessary energy loss.

Suitable for CA and ULO rooms

The combination of a hygienic finish and a robust, gastight closing system makes this gastight sliding door the ideal solution for environments where controlled and hygienic storage is of great importance, such as in ULO and CA rooms.

Retain full control over the quality and ripening process of your products with the Metaflex CA door.

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