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Veterinary Medicine Utrecht


Veterinary medicine


Year of construction:

AT Osborne Baarn

The project

The Veterinary Medicine Faculty of Utrecht University has created more than 55,000 m2 of space for the clinics for horses, agricultural animals, pets and other animals. In addition to polyclinics, operating rooms and rooms for intensive care, AT Osborne has deployed all its specialities in the field of education and healthcare.

The project is one of the 5 largest faculties in the world in the field of veterinary medicine. Internationally, the faculty is particularly known for its knowledge of horses and many owners of expensive racehorses regularly use all the facilities that the faculty offers.


For this project, Metaflex has provided refrigerator sliding doors of the type Polaris, medical doors of the type Medicare and fire-delaying doors for the stables, operating rooms and policlinics. All doors have been custom-made. The doors are extremely high because of the way in which a horse is operated on (hanging in special straps). The complex has 198 Metaflex doors.

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