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Jan Zandbergen

Veenendaal (NL)


KIM Nederland

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The project

Jan Zandbergen started his first butcher shop in Leiden in 1955. Because business was booming, he has expanded to 18 locations over the years.

In October 1992, Jan Zandbergen moved to Veenendaal to have more room to grow, both in terms of production, storage and office space.

Under the new name, World-Wide Quality in Meat, the company has now become an international player in the meat and meat products market. The last expansion occurred in 2013 and involved more than 5,000 m2 where, in addition to deboning, portioning and shock freezing, the entire logistics chain takes place.


From the very first day, Metaflex has delivered all refrigerator sliding doors, special freezer sliding doors and the first shock freezer door in the Netherlands to Jan Zandbergen.

The first doors have been running problem-free in an environment involving intensive use of forklifts for more than 30 years. The Metaflex doors have amply proven that they are able to withstand this heavy workload.

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