MAK Overhead sectional door

Overhead sectional doors are widely used in industrial applications for external as well as internal use. Ease with which the doors with inbuilt safety features operates, allows for efficient movement of material with in building (production area, utility area etc.,) and most commonly at dock area (loading & unloading point).

The overhead sectional doors are modular in construction; door leaf consists of horizontally connected panels and opens vertically. The extreme operations and frequent use, demands high on quality and easy operation. It also has best aesthetic properties in comparison to traditional industrial doors. 

With Metaflex overhead sectional doors, you can rely on the optimum safety and durability from the product, the delivery, installation and the services. With a credible brand-Metaflex, you know you are buying the best and leave behind your worries for us to handle.


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  • It is made of 40mm thick Pre Painted galvanized steel sandwich panels with 610mm height.
  • Available in normal lift, vertical lift and high lift versions.
  • High insulation value in the highest class, considerable reduction in the energy losses.
  • Safety features like spring break safety device, slack cable safety device, cable break safety device, bottom safety edge.
  • Automatic Overhead doors are operated by electric motor with digital encoder for limit settings. Manually operated by using a chain hoist.

Application areas

  • Distribution centers
  • Warehouse and garages
  • Dock areas
  • Shop floors
  • Loading/off-loading areas
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The MAK Overhead Sectional doors offers the following options:

Door system is airtight
Door system is suitable for wet areas

Product specifications

Automatic, Manual
0°C to 15°C
Safety features
Spring break safety device, slack cable safety device, cable break safety device, bottom safety edge.
1800x2100mm, 4000x5000mm
Panel thickness
40 mm, 610mm high
Vision panel
Shape- Oval. Size- 663x343mm.
Lift system
Normal Lift, High Lift, Vertical Lift
RAL 9002 Other colors: On request
Operational accessoires
Push button, Pull Cord Other accessories on request: Overhead radar, Magnetic loop
Opening and closing speed
150-200 mm/s
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