High Speed Doors

The High Speed Doors are simple and easy to adapt to the most diverse requirements and guarantee functionality, safety and efficiency, in full compliance with regulatory requirements. They provide rapid access and optimize the flow of people, goods, products or equipment. Fast opening speeds shorten the passage time, improving efficiency and reducing heat loss by minimizing opening times.

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  • Metaflex High Speed Doors, which can be used both as interior doors between two industrial areas and as a transit zone to the outdoors, optimize logistics, provide insulation by eliminating drafts of air and heat loss, and reduce noise pollution and dust deposits.
  • The fast opening and closing speeds makes them ideal for areas where there is a high flow of people, carts, trolleys and vehicles.
  • It saves time, energy and hence reduce costs.
  • The curtains are made of transparent PVC or polyester and come in a vast range of colors.
  • The transparent curtain solution allows occupational safety to be improved, facilitating easy and rapid passage crossing, and the wide color availability allows the doors to be adapted to your company colors.
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Product specifications

0°C to 15°C



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