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When fire starts in a building, the development of smoke often poses a greater threat than the fire itself. Smoke makes them disoriented which means they can no longer find their way out. For this, doors with smoke seal offer a solution.

  • Metaflex doors with smoke seal are certified according the European standard: EN 1634-3

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Smoke seals doors

The European requirements regarding the smoke-resistance of doors have recently been changed. From January 2021, the European standard EN 1634-3 will be updated. According to this standard, the smoke-proof capacity of the doors is tested separately. As a result the rules for smoke-resistance will be more specific. The new test classifies smoke-permeation according to the Sa and S200 values.

For Sa, the smoke-permeability is tested at a room temperature of 20 °C. The so-called cold smoke resistance. The Sa requirement is applicable in case of partitions in a protected or extra protected escape routes.

For S200, the smoke permeability is tested at a high temperature of 200 °C. This test for heat smoke resistance - the S200 requirement - will apply to partitions between a protected or extra protected escape route and a sub-fire compartment.

The smoke that is released in case of a fire transports a lot of heat which may cause respiratory problems. The smoke also creates reduced visibility and contains aggressive components. The Metaflex smoke-proof door seals the rooms and prevents that the smoke can escape from the burning room and has an EN1634-3 certificate, so that you can rely on this door in all situations.

Metaflex doors with smoke seal

The Metaflex Medicare is one of the first doors that have been tested for smoke density in accordance with the new EN1634-3 standard and classified both after Sa and S200. This means that the door is also suitable for rooms that require a very high protection against smoke, for example because of the limited mobility of those present.

Features of the smoke seals door:

  • Tested according to the EN 1634-3 standard and certified for Sa; a Room temperature of 20 °C and a pressure difference of 25 Pascal maximum.
  • Tested according to the EN 1634-3 standard and certified for S200; a temperature of 200 °C and a pressure difference of 20 Pascal maximum.
  • Hermetically / airtight closing
  • In different sizes and many colours available
  • Available in automatic and/or manual operations.
  • If the door is connected to the fire alarm centre, it acts automatically in the case of a fire alarm.
  • Available in combination with fire resistance.

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Our smoke seals door

Metaflex doors meets many types of certification in the areas of safety, fire protection, smoke protection and airtightness.
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