Metaflex BDM RF60 01

Metaflex BDM RF60

Fire-rated hinged door for general industrial spaces.

  • Robust hinged door
  • Easily cleaned
  • Maximum doorway 1.2 x 2.3 meters
  • Larger can be tailor made
  • 60 Minutes fire-resistant
  • Suitable for wet areas

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Safe & hygienic

The BDM RF60 is a 60 Minutes fire-proof hinged door for intensive use. The door complies to the safety and fire-proof standards at European level according EN 1634-1:2008.

Classification Door turning away from the fire Door turning towards the fire
Integrity, E E90 E90
Thermal insulation, I1 EI190 EI145
Thermal insulation, I2 EI290 EI260
Radiation, W EW60 EW60






Because of the high-quality finishing, this hinged door has a long service life and is maintenance-free.

Complete hinged door

The Metaflex BDM RF60 is delivered including fire-proof wall surrounding frame and fittings.

The doorblade is 78 mm thick, has a fire retardant filling and is finished with coated steel plate or Stainless Steel.

The door comes with a door closer.

Properties BDM RF60
TypeHinged door
Inside frame width (mm)800 to 1,200
Inside frame height (mm)2,100, 2,300
Fire-resistant60 minutes (according EN 1634-1:2008)
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Product information BDM RF60
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