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Insulating doors

The primary function of Metaflex insulating doors is to insulate the room to be sealed. Insulation can regard maintaining either a positive or negative temperature. The doors are therefore suitable for use in both cold and hot rooms such as:

  • Spiral freezer
  • Cooling tunnels
  • Drying tunnels
  • Blanching systems

Metaflex doors have a very high insulation value that saves energy. They have a long lifespan, are maintenance-free and easy to clean.

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is reducing the transfer of hot/cold between two sides of a structure. The thicker the doorblade, the higher the insulating effect it has.

The heat or cold transfer reduces as it experiences more resistance from the insulating materials in the doors. We call this thermal transmittance or heat resistance. These two different terms are rendered as follows.

Heat resistance (Rc):

Rc = Heat resistance (m². K/W)
Heat resistance is a measure for the insulating capacity of a material.

The RC is dependent on:

  • the thickness of the material
  • the thermal transmittance of the material

The higher this number, the greater the insulation capacity.

Thermal transmittance (Ud):

Ud = thermal transmittance (W/m². K)
Thermal transmittance is a measure for the amount of heat that is able to pass through a door.

The Ud is dependent on:

  • the thickness of the material
  • the thermal transmittance of the material
  • the construction of the doorblade

The lower this number, the less heat is transmitted.

Insulation value Metaflex doors

The thermal transmittance of a Metaflex door is determined by the sum of the thermal transmittance of the doorblade, the sill and the rim.

The size of a door also has an influence on the amount of thermal transmittance. Metaflex has translated this into a bandwidth and has calculated the thermal transmittance for every type of door:

Type of door Width in mm Height in mm

Thermal transmittance
(Ud) in W/m². K

Pollux Chiller 1000 2100 1,147
  2000 2400 0,811
MAK Chiller 1000 2100 0,826
  2000 2400 0,605
Foodcare Chiller 1000 2100 0,628
  2000 2400 0,470
Polaris Chiller 1000 2100 0,514
  3000 3000 0,397
Polaris Freezer 1000 2100 0,427
  3000 3000 0,310
Orion Blast Freezer 1000 2100 0,418
  3000 3000 0,274
KDM Chiller 800 2100 0,625
  1300 2300 0,469
VDM Freezer 800 2100 0,538
  1300 2300 0,382

Building decree 2015:

It was decided in the 2015 building decree that an average average requirement of Ud < 1.65 W/m² was applicable. K.

The Metaflex doors have a much lower Ud value than the minimum requirement in the building decree 2015 and therefore have a  much higher insulation value.

The independent engineering agency TcPM has calculated the values in this table in accordance with the NEN-EN 12428: 2013 standard.

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