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The design of the Metaflex hygienic doors is completely seamless and has a hard and strong finishing. As a result, the doors do not attract dirt and are resistant to  moisture and easy to clean. Consequently, they can be applied in the food-processing industry and high care areas in hospitals.

  • Metaflex's door systems satisfy strict hygiene standards

Metaflex stocks a wide variety of hygienic doors. Would you like to obtain advice as to the best solution for your situation? We are happy to work towards solutions with you.

Smooth finishing

The Metaflex doorblades are finished full flush and seamless, including the window. As a result, the hygienic doors are suitable for rooms in which strict hygiene is required, such as in the food processing industry and for medical applications in which high care is required.

By using hard, strong materials for the finishing, the hygienic door is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. In addition to a polyester coating finishing, most door systems are also available with a Food-safe hard PVC coating.


Metaflex's door systems hermetically seal a room, as a result of which bacteria and moulds are not able to get in.

In doing so, our hygienic doors help to create a food-safe environment in the food industry and help to reduce the number of postoperative surgical site infections (SSIs) in the medical world.

The hygienic doors are resistant to cleaning products and can be cleaned under high pressure.

Our hygienic doors

Metaflex offers an extensive range of smooth hygienic doors. We continuously work on developing new doors.

Metaflex Medinox

Metaflex Medinox offers a complete hermetic seal, executed in full stainless steel for optimal hygiene.

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Metaflex Medicare

Metaflex Medicare: an airtight sliding door system that can be completely tailored to your wishes.

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Metaflex Polaris Chiller

Large airtight sliding door, suitable for cooled spaces.

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Metaflex MAK Chiller

Sliding refrigerator door.

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You can find our hygienic doors everywhere!

We have developed and installed door systems for various sectors for more then 40 years. In the past years, we have worked on many projects. Projects we are proud of. You can find part of our portfolio here.

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More than 25 qualified distributors and partners can help you with the purchase, installation and service of our doors.

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Our consultants are happy to help you, without obligation, with your project-specific needs. Take advantage of our years of experience.

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