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Hinged doors

The Metaflex hinged doors are made of high-quality materials and are robustly built. As a result, the hinged doors have a long lifespan and are maintenance-free. Metaflex hinged doors have a completely smooth surface, making them easy to clean. In combination with the food-safe coating, this door fulfils all hygiene regulations and offers optimal ease of use.

Metaflex offers various hinged doors in its product range or the medical sector, the healthcare sector, clean rooms, laboratories, distribution centres and food-processing areas.

Airtight hinged doors

The unique closing system of the Metaflex refrigerator and freezer hinged doors create a fully airtight seal. This prevents unwanted air- and moisture flows and is energy-efficient as it reduces leakage. This ensures the room behind the hinged door can be optimally conditioned and is durable in use.

Advantages of our hinged doors

  • Robust and low-maintenance
  • Completely smooth finish
  • Hygienic and food safe
  • Optimal user-ease

Fire-resistant hinged doors

The Metaflex fire-resistant hinged doors are a safe fire-resistant solution for your company. They have been tested in conformity with the NEN-EN 1634-1 standard and offer at least 60 minutes fire-resistance.

Our hinged doors

Metaflex offers an extensive range of hinged doors. We continuously work on developing new hinged doors.

Metaflex BDM

Hinged door for general industrial spaces.

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Metaflex KDM Chiller

Airtight hinged door for cooled spaces.

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Metaflex VDM Freezer

Airtight hinged door for freezer spaces.

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You can find our hinged doors everywhere!

We have developed and installed door systems for various sectors for more then 40 years. In the past years, we have worked on many projects. Projects we are proud of. You can find part of our portfolio here.

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