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As a specialist in airtight doors, we offer door systems for healthcare, cold chain or cleanroom applications. Our doors are designed to maintain the condition within a specific room. Due to their airtightness, Metaflex door systems perform optimally in this area. View our doors and discover what more advantages Metaflex doors have for you.

Type Doors
Metaflex Medinox

Metaflex Medinox offers a complete hermetic seal, executed in full stainless steel for optimal hygiene.

Metaflex Medicare

Metaflex Medicare: an airtight sliding door system that can be completely tailored to your wishes.

Metaflex Polaris Chiller

Large airtight sliding door, suitable for cooled spaces.

Metaflex Medicare Intelligence

The innovative door system Metaflex Medicare Intelligence provides a warning of what is going on behind the door when someone wants to access the OR.

Metaflex MAK Chiller

Sliding refrigerator door.

Metaflex Medicare Glass

Metaflex Medicare Glass is a fully transparent sliding door for medical and clean room applications.

Metaflex Polaris Freezer

Large airtight sliding door, suitable for freezer spaces.

Metaflex Medicare EI1

This airtight sliding door system meets the highest quality and fire-resistance standards at a European level.

Metaflex Metaficient

Metaflex Metaficient is a high-quality sliding door system.

Metaflex Polaris Chiller RF60

Large fire-resistant sliding door, suitable for cooled spaces.

Metaflex Orion Freezer

Airtight sliding door, suitable for low temperatures.

Metaflex Orion Blast Freezer

Airtight sliding door, withstands extremely low temperatures.

Metaflex Foodcare Chiller

Sliding refrigerator door.

Metaflex CA Door

Sliding refrigerator door for ULO and CA rooms.

Metaflex BDM

Hinged door for general industrial spaces.

Metaflex BDM RF60

Fire-proof industrial hinged door.

Metaflex KDM Chiller

Airtight hinged door for cooled spaces.

Metaflex VDM Freezer

Airtight hinged door for freezer spaces.

Hermetic doors

Our hermetic doors are specialized in keeping a special condition within a room. Metaflex doors are therefore the only doors that are 100% airtight according to ANSI / UL1784. That is why we focus on healthcare, cleanroom and cold chain solutions. Our healthcare doors ensure the maintenance of sterile air, our cleanroom door systems help to maintain dust and/or germ-free conditions and our cold chain doors ensure energy savings in cold or warm rooms.

High-quality doors

Metaflex stands for high-quality doors. Our door systems are therefore guaranteed to last for more than 10 years and that is not the only thing that marks the quality of our doors. Metaflex has various certifications such as ISO 9001. In addition, our door systems have various certificates for airtightness, fire resistance, smoke resistance, sound resistance and water resistance. Metaflex doors also comply to CE marking, which means that the doors meet European requirements.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors ensure minimal movement of the air, which makes it easier to control the air conditions. The rail system of our professional sliding doors ensures that the door can be opened and closed effortlessly, no matter how big or heavy the door is. The reliable controller from Metaflex ensures optimum ease of use for automatic sliding doors.

Hinged doors

In addition to the wide range of sliding doors, Metaflex also offers robust hinged doors. These hinged doors are also available as a fire door.


In addition to high-quality doors, we also offer tailor-made advice. Because of our experience of more than 40 years we know what is going on in the sectors where we operate. Our consultants are specialized in tailor-made solutions for complex situations. Contact us and let our advisors help you.

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