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Metaflex Intelligence

The innovative door system Metaflex Intelligence provides a warning of what is going on behind the door when someone wants to access the OR.

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Metaflex Medicare

Metaflex Medicare: an airtight sliding door system that can be completely tailored to your wishes.

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Metaflex Medicare EI1

This airtight sliding door system meets the highest quality and fire-resistance standards at a European level.

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Metaflex Glass

Metaflex Glass is a fully transparent sliding door for medical and clean room applications.

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Metaflex Metaficient

Metaflex Metaficient is a high-quality sliding door system.

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Metaflex MAK Chiller

Sliding refrigerator door.

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Metaflex Polaris Chiller

Large airtight sliding door, suitable for cooled spaces.

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Metaflex Polaris Freezer

Large airtight sliding door, suitable for freezer spaces.

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Metaflex Orion Blast Freezer

Airtight sliding door, withstands extremely low temperatures.

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Metaflex BDM

Hinged door for general industrial spaces.

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Metaflex KDM Chiller

Airtight hinged door for cooled spaces.

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Metaflex VDM Freezer

Airtight hinged door for freezer spaces.

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