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Radiation room

In healthcare radiation is used in order to make a diagnosis: as a medical imagery technique for making a diagnosis. Additionally, radiation is also used as a therapeutic tool for treating malignant growths.

In order to prevent that patients and employees are unnecessarily exposed to radiation, we offer lead lined doors. These are equipped with  lead, so radiation is blocked.

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In the area of medicine, X-rays are used for both diagnosis and treatment. For example, in order to track down bone fractures and for treating malignant cells with radiation.

X-rays are used, for example, for:

  • X-ray scans
  • CT-scans
  • Radioscopy
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Radiotherapy

X-rays can be harmful, but only if one is exposed to them by accident. For patients, the slight risk is significantly outweighed by the major benefits of the fast and accurate diagnosis and therapy.

Yet, it is essential, particularly for the staff, to prevent unnecessary exposure. For this purpose, aprons, doors and walls equipped with lead are used. The lead prevents that radiation can penetrate to the other side.

Lead lined doors

A radiation-proof door has a lead inlay and has been developed for X-ray rooms and other radiation-proof rooms such as for radiology, CT-scan, PET-CT and hybrid ORs. In these rooms, it is essential that the radiation is contained in the room and does not leak to adjacent rooms.

The Metaflex doors ensure this. The lead inlay makes the doors very heavy, but automated with the SDA-04 user-ease is maintained. A lead glass window is optional.

Extra possibilities:

We are the only supplier to also offer this door in a fire-resistant embodiment.

Features of the lead lined door:

  • Airtight and radiation proof.
  • Available in combination with fire-resistance.
  • Suitable for medical earthing (K3, NEN1010).

Due to the weight of the lead doors, we advise to always use these in combination with automatic operation.

Lead lined doors

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