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ULO & CA Storage

With Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage, the oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) content within the cell is controlled to maintain quality, taste and sugar content over time. When the oxygen content in a cell is reduced to an extremely low level, we speak of Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) storage. These two methods are used in fruit storage, such as in the gastight storage of:

  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • patatoes
  • flower bulbs

For a reliable ULO & CA storage, the right gastight door is very important.

Fruit storage

In a ULO or CA room the amount of oxygen and in some cases the amount of carbon dioxide is reduced. By decreasing the amount of oxygen in the ULO room − and with CA storage also the amount of CO2 − to the recommended level for the crop, products in stock, also called fruit storage, are contained in a controlled manner for a long time.

ULO and CA cells are often used by companies in the food industry that want to store different types of products in a controlled manner for a long time. The fruit and vegetable products contained in this fruit storage cannot be stored in 'normal' cold rooms or freezer rooms for a longer period of time because they will deteriorate. The controlled oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen ensure that the products can be stored longer.

Due to the controlled hygienic air in these ULO and CA rooms, it is very important that this air is not polluted. In these cases, a gastight CA door offers the best solution for your fruit storage.

Fruit ripening

CA and ULO areas are extremely suitable for the delayed ripening of vegetables and fruit, also known as fruit ripening. Storing fruit and vegetables in a CA room or a ULO room has the advantage that these can be stored for up to a year longer. This is done by putting the products to sleep through the reduction of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This will stop the fruit ripening and keep the products fresh for longer.

Gastight doors

With the delayed fruit ripening, it is important that no gases can escape from the ripening room, so the oxygen and carbon dioxide values ​​remain as constant as possible. The more constant these values ​​remain, the better the quality of the products is preserved. In addition, the more gas escapes from the ripening room, the more energy it takes to maintain these values ​​again.

To prevent this, you can opt for a robust, reliable door that ensures your CA or ULO  ripening room is completely gastight. The Metaflex CA door is fitted with high-quality hinges and locks, so the door closes firmly and remains closed.

Gastight door

Metaflex CA Door
Metaflex CA Door Gas-tight sliding door for CA and ULO storage.View this door
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